Hey folks, I am replacing my rear end with a 2007 and spreading it 1.25" on each side. During the graft process, we are installing replacement front and rear subframes. MSI rear and GTSpec front, SPT H brace, Cusco T braces, Cusco rear swaybar brace/diffuser mount, diffuser, and Cusco trailing arms w/ TIC bushings, STi forged front control arms(recall freeby), and ESP muffler hangers (rubber is dried out, lol).
I won't be able to get pics since the cars are being shipped all over the place during the work, but at the end, it ought to be bonkers. Dyno stated 315awhp. This chassis upgrade is the most radical thing I have ever done to a car. 2007 rear on a 2002 center and front.

I am writing this to get input on the installations in case we are going to run into any weird issues.

Has anyone done these installs who can give any input on what was hard and what was easy?
also, is there anything in that list of parts that have given users trouble?

Presently the suspension is:

Cusco ZeroS coilovers 8000/5000lb
Hotchkis rear camber bolts
AP 34mm track swaybar
Hotchkis rear endlinks
Massive Race Spec rear front and rear control arms
STi axles
Eagle bearings
Hardened R160 diff
Ichiba 25mm Spacers
ARP studs
Motegi FF7 forged 18x8 (sail blue )
gorilla forged lugs
Cusco FSTB
Cusco RSTB
Cusco RSB V Brace
Cusco Trunk Brace
GTSpec Gacchiri Fender Braces

it's hard to know where to stop listing suspension goodies, because really, the seats are part of it, so is the steering wheel. I don't know if that stuff is relevant...
Carbon Bride Gias seats, ORS seat risers, Kiwi Racing brackets, NR-G short hub, Sparco SC Ltd. wheel, Momo horn button, ProBolt Ti hardware. It's rock solid stiff as a concrete block all the time, as comfortable on dirt and gravel as on tarmac. Very crisp, does not lean or dive AT ALL. I couldn't be happier with the present setup. I have no idea what this other stuff is going to do, but my guys assure me the drift circuit is going to require these things to be done to keep up with the most modern cars... the Fiesta is a serious car to try to follow. It has a graceful but compact manner that really helps it to gain points. I am aiming at being pretty close to it's geometry with these pieces widened this far.

Last of all will be to pick a better turbo and get a tune.

Please reply with your experiences with the above components. I am eager to get going, and want to know if there will be issues.