Hey...just took delivery Friday night of a new 2013 WRX Premium....so much better than the 2005 WRX I had!!!

I've read quite a few posts about those who have replaced their stock summer tires on the 2013 WRX and still have a question or two:

Live in NY and really don't want to get a dedicated set of Winter tires or wheels...I'm not racing or rallying the WRX...it's just gonna be my daily commuter car, albeit one that will put a smile on my face when I get in and out of it, and have just a bit of fun on the commute to work, and on the weekends.

I've already called the local STS Tire Center manager to trade in the new Dunlops on all season performance tires. Tire Rack has the Dunlops at $236 each. I'm looking at either the Cooper Zeon RS3-A ($141 each), Yokohama Avid Envigor ($178 each), the Continental Extreme Contact DWS ($182 each), and the Toyo Proxes 4 Plus ($189 each) in order to not have to spend any money out of pocket to buy, mount, and balance the tires.

Who has owned any of the above tires and what are your thoughts about them for all season driving?

Anyone have experience with STS and can confirm I shouldn't have any worries about them messing up the stock wheels when taking off the original tires and then mounting the new ones?

Finally...other than looks, any benefit to going with a different size of tire than then stock 235/45R17 94W and mounting them on the stock wheels?

Thanks in advance!