Hey guys I’m in the process of an 06 STi swap in my wife’s 06 wrx . The donor car is a front end wrecked 06 STi with motor damage. The swap consist of the entire harness, tranny, and rear subframe retaining the wrx motor. Here’s where the fun begins the STi harness didn’t plug into the motor harness because of the wrx airpump after changing out entire motor harness deleting air pumps and blocking off ports I found the injector plugs did not plug in to the top feed injectors. After soldering the injector harness I started the car and instantly got p0123 cel (tps) and car was in limp mode. Car starts and idles but only revs up to 2500 rpms. I searched and googled everything I could think of. I used my buddies “alldata” program to trouble shoot ohms and voltage but got to a part where it says “use Subaru select monitor to check voltage while computer is plugged in” I don’t know where to go from here because I don’t have a Subaru select monitor. Aside from taking the car to the Subaru dealer does anyone have any advice for me?