injen intake with COBB stage 2.. problems
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This is a discussion on injen intake with COBB stage 2.. problems within the STi Engine Performance forums, part of the STi Technical Forum category; ok. i have a 04 sti.i had an injen cold air intake on it for a while. the long ram ...

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    injen intake with COBB stage 2.. problems

    ok. i have a 04 sti.i had an injen cold air intake on it for a while. the long ram one.. and i know your not supposed to run an aftermarket tunner with the cobb soft ware, so i wanted to see what happens.. ok. well first. the car wants to stall all the time now. after i would get on it and come to a stop, it almost stalls. next i saw im only running about 17.5 lbs boost according to my accessport. then im reading the vaccum in psi at idle.. its onlt around -8.5 or something like that. i thought it should be around -20 psi.
    is this all right? im knew to the sti's and turboed cars. i had nothing but mustangs before.
    i have the stage 2 93 oct base map loaded right now.
    my mods are some ebay company highflow catted "resonators" dp, to catback. full TBE. and the injen long ram intake. and now the cobb stage 2 accessport tunning soft ware...
    can you guys help me out? are thoses numbers right or should i get another stock intake system and just put a k&n filter in the stock box?

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    scroll down and you will see dyno testing of the stock intake vs the injen cai.... i wouldnt really pay attention too much to the hp/tq but look at afr's on it. Some intakes i personally believe you can run without a protune on stg2, but this one i think is definitely not one of them.
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    That particlur intake is notorious for screwing up your MAF signal and thus scewing the AFR's. Basically, it can and will make you car sputter, stall, idle rough, cough, backfire, and all manner of ill-behaved symptoms. Get rid of it. The stock intake is very, very good.
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