Hi Guys, Im a complete car newb (meaning i absolutely do not know jack squat about cars, but love driving them) bought a used 2006 WRX about 8 months ago. Amazing car to say the least, however, this past week at around 72k miles, the CEL came on with the flashing cruise control. Therefore, as a responsible new car owner, i quickly took it the stealership to get it checked out to make sure its nothing major. Came back with a diagnostic of P2444 (THEY CHARGED ME $110 just to pull out the codes, like i said im a car newb, but never again will i pay that much just for them to pull the codes, i bought one of those OBD scanners off amazon for like $20.00, so now i know, learned my lesson the hard way). Anyways, with that code, i did a lot of googling, spent hours reading up on this issue, seems like it is a common problem for MY06 WRX's, called up SOA to see if they will offer me a good will assistance, they have ignored me for the past 2-3 weeks, so i just got fed up and decided im going to go with the route of stripping the entire air pump assy out and placing some block plates.

So my main question, any of you guys can help a brother out in directing me to a tuner that can delete the codes for me at a reasonable price? Further, any of you guys know of any independent suby shops that can rip out the assy and install the block plates for me? I am planning on going to suby specialties in monrovia for this job, but I need to call them on tuesday to see if they are familiar with this type of work (pretty sure they are), but if you guys have any other suggestions, I would greatly appreciate it.

Thanks in advance.