Hey guys, im from Australia. I know posting in the States area is not normal but I know you guys know a lot more then us.

Anyways here's where I am.

Next year 24th of November I got a 2013 Wrx sti booked for order one of the last ones made.

I've done a bit of research on them and I understand about how they preform and about the handle reving etc.

what gets me is, that issue with the ringland. How can I stop it? I understand from most of the old school wrx and sti's they last of 150 000kms no problems if you treat them right, change oils. But why is it so big with the 2008-2013 models?

is there a way to stop this? I was thinking forged internals, and I heard of a better tune because the stock is very lean.

I'm not going to mod the car till ive done a good 20 000kms knowning everything is good with it and I want to enjoy it stock.

Keeping in mind im a mountain warrior in 4Litre rear wheel car..so im total new to AWD, driven an EvoX but I don't like it, too computer not driver plus my dad had a really old school subie, is was rear wheel drive but you could change it so 4x4, It was two door, engine was in the back. If anyone knows of what im talking about PLEASE TELL ME!!! he sold it for 200 dollars like 10 years go, not knowing what it was then he got a 2001 wrx.

Thanks guys! hope to hear from you.