F.A.S.T Little BIG Meet

6 - 8 - 2013

Fresno CA

Woodward park

Alright everyone, this is the THIRD annual Little BIG Meet. Hosted buy Fresno Area Subaru Trust or F.A.S.T.

The idea of this meet is to see both northern california and southern california subaru enthusists. The SMALL meets that just the locals put together usually can get 15-20 cars, so i want to see tripple that with a fun gathering.
last year we had over 75 cars in attendance. So lets keep it up and have an even larger turnout this year.


To get into the park its $5

We'll be running a BBQ. Its $5, you get 2 main items, chips and a drink. we are offering Hamburgers and hot dogs so you can have a choice. ill bring some other festive summer food, watermellon or whatever comes to mind.

Usually that equates to all the cost of renting a spot, food, sodas ice etc, a lot easier than everyone trying to bring food and everyone brings the same stuff.

Figure we will start the BBQ around 1PM

I will be there at 10-11 if any early birds want to show up

This was a huge hit last year so we will be taking it up a notch. Subaru or subaru powered ONLY in the car show. No specific classes, 3 trophies for 1st, 2nd and 3rd, people submitted votes. No cost to enter. Prizes to be announced.

Rules of course. gotta have em.

- including burnouts, reving, WOT pulls in crowds. Drive like you would with grandma.

- This park enforces this stuff with a huge ban hammer, were all one large group so were going to attract a lot of attention.

-Its 5-10mph inside the park, people are jogging, on bikes, children everywhere and theres nothing more impressive than a civilized car group. So behave and look classy please.


So breaking this down, bring yourself, your car, a chair if you want to sit outside with your car, there is an area with covered tables available.

If you ride bikes the park has a very large bike area, BMX, Mountainbike and trail bike courses.

Bring roughly $10 for entry and food if you want to eat and watch. Bring a little extra if ya wanna take a chance at winning some cool prizes.


Dont have a subaru? no Problem.

any and all are welcome, just behave, play nice and we can all share the sandbox.

Non subaru cars will not be in the car show.

Sorry :/ but with free entry and prizes available i dont want everyone to bring a friend, and their freind, and their friends to the point where 1/10th of the car show cars are subarus.

it will be subaru based and hosted by a subaru club but were all nice people... Right?