Friday at the Streets of Willow Springs; November 18th, 2005

Price: $140 one day (Instruction included in School group, or + $30 per day
in other groups)

Duration: 1 day, 2.5 hours of track time per group!**

Track: Streets of Willow Springs Rosamond, CA (near Lancaster)

Registration: Click here to register:

Timing: Transponders are available for rental.

Event Info:

The Streets of Willow Springs is a favorite short track in the Los Angeles
area, popular with magazines for car tests and an excellent learning track
as well. Turns are moderate-speed (35 - 70mph), making it a safe place to
take your street car and find its limits. All the turns but one have wide
runoff areas of well-packed dirt. This track is highly-recommended for car
and driver development due to it's lower-speed, technical nature.

We'll be running the full track CW. We will be running three run groups,
with five sessions per group, totalling 2.5 hours per group. A sample
schedule is here for your information, though schedules do change based upon