Welcome the New Year and the 2015 track season at the most exciting road course in the South East - Road Atlanta. We are thrilled to bring our format to this iconic track on January 10-11th for the unprecedented full weekend cost of only $350.00. Here are the details:

Limited to only three run groups (novice, intermediate, advanced)
On Track sessions from 9:00 am Ė 5:00 pm Saturday and Sunday
Drivers must be 18 years old or older and have a valid state issued driverís license
Convertibles must have roll-over protection
SA2005 or newer helmet required
Cost is $350 for the weekend! Limited single day spots are available for $250 on Saturday and $200 on Sunday
Add a co-driver to share your car and spot for $75
Passengers welcome

The JustTrackIt website has additional details. Click the Registration link below to get there.

Road Atlanta 1/10-11/2015 - Your Car Our Tracks

Come on out and ring in the new year with Just Track It at Road Atlanta!

Stay Frosty my friends,