Hey whats up everyone if it wasn't for a small rally team by the likes of https://www.facebook.com/NobleStarRally i wouldn't have known such a thing existed on the east coast. Its called the Sandblast rally, and its the largest rally competition on the East Coast starting March 1st 2014, there are already 45 cars signed up and 35 bikes this year and best of all it is free to watch the race and spectate. There are also allot of cool volunteer jobs with possible free swag to go along with it(from what i ahve heard through the grapevine), as well as a chance to meet the drivers and see the cars up close. This is my first time hearing about this event, so i figured i would spread the word, maybe get a Subaru meet before the event and we can ride down there in a pack that would to cool! Anyways enough of me rambling on here is a link to Sandblasts website enjoy, and private message me or reply to this thread if you want to help me get a meet going on, and watch the race together. I will provide a 24 pack for myself and antone else looking to kick back and relax your beer is also welcome . Sandblast Rally 2014