I had started a thread in the Everyday Impreza Talk and there was a suggestion to try a thread here.

I would like to put together a gathering / road trip, if possible. It is some 7 hours to good driving in either the Texas Hill Country or The Ozark Mountains of Arkansas from where I live. Both offer some interesting possibilities. Texas Hill country has some great roads and great music from Kerrsville to Fredericksburg to Luckenbach. The down side is that I am heading that way at the end of this month for the Kerrsville Music Festival and the Nimitz Museum. Arkansas has some of the best driving roads in the nation. There are the added bonuses of The Buffalo River, The White River and Spring River. There are Hot Springs and Eureka Springs as cool mountain towns to enjoy.

Just seeing if there is any interest in the region for a meet and greet with maybe a drive, too.