2 Catback exhaust (02-07wrx/sti)

A. The first catback I have is a Perrin Catback w/resonated midpipe. This exhaust sits flush, meaning it does not have that N1 look.

The mid pipe is included, i'm still polishing it up.

There was some surface rust on the midpipe near the flex section. This rust has been removed and low spots filled.

I have alot of man hours in this exhaust making it shine, this catback is in great shape.

Price:$ 460 Shipped

B. The second catback I have is a slip fit Magnaflow N1 style catback, again the midpipe is included (still polishing it as well). The exhaust will come with the slip fit clamp; this is a non resonated midpipe.

Price$ $460.00 Shipped

Both of these exhaust brand new retail for $600.00-$650.00

Shipping will be by UPS boxed and packaged, I will not be throwing bubble wrap on these and having them tossed into a truck.........please dont ask.


1. Dont text me to chat, tell me you need to talk to your tuner, talk to your wife, inform me your having a baby, or ask how loud it is. Please do your own research, text with the intention of buying.

Please text for fastest response:
202 353 5169



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