I have for sale a set of OEM BBS 10 spoke 5x100 2004 Sti wheels.
They are silver in color.
3 wheels are straight and true, Have ZERO Curb Rash. There are some nicks in the paint, normal wear and tear, but no Rash.

1 wheel is warped. I had it repaired by RimGuard Extreme, it balanced out with 1.5ounces of weight, but I could still feel it. I tried to have them get it right, but they said they could do no more. Visually this wheel has markings from repair on the face, but they could be cleaned up/Sanded and repaired easily, and im sure someone else could straighten it, there are no acute bends. It actually doesn't have any Curb rash either. Just markings from the repair shop around the rim of the face. If the wheel was straightened, they could be sanded/filled and would be perfect.

Im selling the set for $600. If you only want the three good, it is still $600. The fourth wheel is a freebie. I will not separate unless I have some takers on the three good wheels and they will be $200 a piece individually.

The three good wheels have some nicks and normal wear, but are 100% straight and true. NO CURB RASH, No doubts. I'm the "Dictator" of Triad Subaru (http://www.facebook.com/groups/triadsubaru) for the group, or
(http://www.facebook.com/triadsubaru) for the public page, and there are A LOT of members than can vouch for the wheels...

EDIT* The wheels are pictured below individually. The Three shown with a tire are the good wheels, the one without is the bad wheel. Tires not Included.

The tires in the back are the ones being offered. The other set was 5x114 and are sold.

Picture On my Forester. The Bent wheel was in the front on the side pictured... Couldn't feel it except when braking from 60mph+

You can Message me on here, or preferably, you can look me up on the http://www.facebook.com/triadsubaru page. Just message the page.


Located in Greensboro, NC