Want To Buy 2004 WRX Engine w/ Turbo
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    2004 WRX Engine w/ Turbo

    2 weeks ago I bought a WRX... coming off the highway I screwed a rod somewhere, not sure what piston... I'm not rebuilding, after machining, parts and labor I'd bee better off with getting a motor. Before anyone jumps on Lemon Law... I bought it private party, and I threw away any evidence in my oil, and it was involved in an accident in 06/2011.. I dont have anything working for me. Been shopping aorund with reputable yards, best price I found was $2600 plus a warranty, 2 years for $250..just shy of $2900 for the engine. Labor, I'll figure out if I'm doing it myself or a shop. My concern with a yard engine...why is there, how long has it been sitting, how many miles are on it, and how was it driven? I really dont want to bite on anything just yet... big pill to swallow. In any event, anyone around New England area have something or know of any good leads? I really want to shop around and get the best for my buck.

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    I'd check CL. I would never pay that much money for a used subaru engine of that age. There are listings on the NYC CL for under 1600. Independent shops might not want to get involved in a customer supplied engine, but if you are doing the job yourself, it might be worth your while to get a friend with a pick up and take a small road trip. I know how it feels to be in a pinch for something, but that guy is robbing you at that price. Good luck!
    Edit: I almost forgot about fleabay. First listing to pop up was under 1600 and the guy has perfect feedback.

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