A few months ago I bought 02 WRX Wagon and it came with a ton of extra parts. Original I was thinking I would use everything a build a motor but since then I have accepted I will prob never get around to it and honestly have no need for it.

I am certainly no master mechanic but I believe there is just about everything needed to build a 2.0L motor.

To be honest I would like to sell everything together. As far as price I am open to offers as I have no clue what fair total price would be. With that said, please hold back the low ball offers.

FYI, I'm in Virginia Beach, Va

Here is a list of all the main parts:
  • 1 - JDM Long Block, EJ20 (I was told it had a mild head job)
  • 1 - Set of heads
  • 1 - OEM Crank shaft
  • 3 - Stock turbos (all the turbos have no play in the shafts)
  • 2 - Intake Manifolds with Bumblers
  • 1 - Extra set of bearings
  • 1 - OEM ECU
  • 1 - Main Engine Wiring Harness
  • 1 - OEM Cat
  • 1 - Crank Shaft Pulley
  • 1 - Alternator
  • 1 - Starter
  • 1 - WRX Silver scoop
  • 3 - Timing Belts
  • 2 - Sets of Timing Belt covers
  • 1 - Top Mount intercooler (I think it is stock but not a 100% sure)
  • 1 - Coolant resivoir
  • All the coolants pipes that run across the top of the motor
  • A box full of extra hoses and bolts

Below are a few pics of everything but here is LINKY to my photobucket that has all the pics. There are close up pics of most parts.

Let me know if you have any questions.