Ok, so I have quite a bit of stuff laying around my house from swaps, builds and a mess of other things. Here are my big ticket items that I could part with:

PSM 04-05 fenders and hood. Also, I have the radiator support if you're interested in doing a front end swap. I'll let these go cheap since they are just taking up space in my shed. Hood and driver side fender are in good shape, passenger fender has seen better days. Probably not repairable. $150 takes it all.

18x8 OZ Ultraleggeras. 5x100 +48 Matte black. No dings or scratches but two of them have been previously repaired but have no issues balancing or holding air. They have tires on them but 2 of them are down to the cords because of the camber I was running up front. I'd like to get $650.

FP HTA68 Turbo. PnP'd and coated by Grimmspeed. Has the EWG bracket on it but I have the original wastegate actuator. It was just rebuilt by FP, I have the paperwork, and maybe has 2500 miles on the rebuild. Absolutely ZERO shaft play. I'll sell it with the high flow oil feed line from FP as well. I'd like $750.

I've got a large FMS (I think) TMIC that is just taking up space. SOLD!!!!

Perrin FMIC for 02-07 WRX/STI. In great shape, has a TXS 50/50 BOV on it. $850

Grimmspeed PnP'd exhaust manifolds and hi-flow cross pipe. Manifolds are coated, cross pipe is not. $250

I've got some TEIN monoflex coilovers with the EDFC. They have ~20k miles on them but are still in great shape. I'd like to see $1200 out of these. I'm not particularly inclined to sell these since I can use them, but have been indecisive on what I'd rather go with, so if you're going to low ball me, just don't. I'll figure out a way to respond to your post or PM with a junk punch. This is the set that sells for $2700 and it would be nice if people would stop telling me they can get them new for $1500. Tein Flex =/= Tein MonoFlex. :unamused:

I've got 2 sets of tail lights. I've got 04-05s. The drivers side lens is cracked but it doesn't leak. I've also got a set of 06-07s that are tinted (poorly) but look good from 5ft. $125 per set.

EJ22 long block out of a OBS. Was running when pulled and has ~250k on it. $200

Big items I'd obviously like to avoid shipping, but will do so at the buyers expense. I've got pictures of everything, so if you need pictures of something you don't see, just let me know.