I have a spare set of OEM 2012+ headlights. I was thinking of opening them up and painting them and then selling them. They go for about $275 new each (non HID).

I wanted to know if any 2012+ owners would be willing to purchase these painted and send me their stock units back?

This is the breakdown of pricing:

Standard Blacked out inner housing would be - $150.
Painting and removing side marker - $175
Painting Projector surround black plus housing - $200
Painting housing, removing amber marker, and painting projector surround - $215

Core charge is $600.

So to order, I would need the core charge plus whatever you would want from above. Once complete, I would ship them out to you. I would need your core's back within 2 weeks. Once received, the core charge would be refunded. I would do all transactions via Paypal.

If any core's are damaged, the cost of replacement would be deducted from the refund.

This would be great for those unwilling to open up their own headlights but want blacked out housings instead of chrome.