I have both front fenders and the hood from my 2005 wrx. I got into a front end crash (highway separation wire barriers) and would like to see if there is any interest in purchasing my rough parts.

I don't want to ship any of these parts, so local pickup only (zip 49228) unless you want to pay to arrange pickup and transport of the parts (only then will I feel inclined to share photos, otherwise, come and see the parts in person).

Hood: good "shape" (i.e. not bent or folded) but big gouges on driver side top of hood from guide wires. Needs filler, sanding and repaint. Does not include any hardware. $100 OBO
Passenger side fender: small dent above wheel well, small (but repairable) fold near headlight seat. $50 OBO
Driver side fender: quite rough - large gouges on upper ridge from cable barrier, folded under at bumper cover mount. not sure if repairable, but anything can be done with a hammer and lots of effort. $25 OBO