Hello all!
A long, long time ago I had a 2001 2.5rs, which i traded for my WRX. After breaking a corner lamp, i decided to change out the entire headlight assembly for some cheap aftermarket ones i thought i liked. Well, as my memory goes, after boxing up the OEM (glass) headlights in the basement, i forgot all about them. It's funny how you can always find things to sell when you run into $$$ problems. Managed to find the box this weekend. So! For sale is the headlight set (driver & passenger) for a 2001 2.5rs. They were on the car, so as you can expect they aren't perfect condition, but i did shine the glass up and wipe the cobwebs off. So send dakarxlt22@yahoo.com an email if you'd like to see some pictures, $200 OBO

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