Cobalt Series One (black face, blue LED backlighting)

Voltage (270 deg sweep)
Voltage (short sweep)
Oil Pressure (270 deg sweep)
Oil Temp (short sweep)
Boost (270 deg) (30/30 psi/vac sweep)
Water Temp (270 deg sweep)

ATI clock pod (holds 3 gauges) (needs repainting)
AutoMeter Cluster Pod (flawlessly glossed in WRB and clearcoated to nearly indestructible) (no hardware is included)

They are not new, but never touched after install, in an immaculately kept WRX. The senders are easily obtained, I can be persuaded to give up my own if you are in a hurry to get your gauges installed.

I know these aren't terribly expensive gauges, if a bunch of them interest you, I'll quote you a $, and we can figure out what works for you.

I ship USPS Priority Insured for full value unless we agree on something else. I don't want to be made to look like I sell junk. This is all functional, in "like new" condition unless I specify otherwise. Packaging and manuals are long gone, but I do stock bubble wrap and USPS boxes like a crazy person, so the items will arrive as described.

I will be editing this shortly with pictures of the actual items in their present condition.

Most of them are still mounted, I want them out and ready to box when I snap pics.

PM me or hit it here. I can have items out within 24 hours. Inside the lower 48 states, I'd estimate 3 days maximum delivery time.

These were mounted in a LoTek pillar pod, an AutoMeter cluster pod, and an ATI center/clock replacement pod. Together with a cluster overlay from RalliTek in the UK, it fooled a few Subaru owners into thinking it was a rare stock package. LEDs from SuperBrightLEDs will match the blue hue of the LED backlighting in the AutoMeter devices.

Sparco "Road" shifter (short style) and emergency brake handle cover/button assy. in Blue/Chrome. Excellent condition, very lightly used.

Again, I'll quote prices as asked. I wouldn't want to post prices for each thing, then get into an argument about what a multiple purchase will do to the price. Ask me, you will see that I want this stuff out of here, and to get an A/F wideband and be done with all these