Hello All,
I recently traded my Subie in for something else to appease the wife. I pulled off some aftermarket parts in hopes to make back some extra cash. I am currently on vacation so I don't have pictures of anything but upon return I will post pics of everything, I just want to get a list out there to get a feel for the market/demand.

What I have-

Defi Center Gauge pod for 3-60mm Gauges Orig. 187.00
A-pillar Triple Gauge pod for 3-60mm Gauges (Can't remember brand) Orig. 69.00
Center Gauge pod that replaces the surround around Gauge Cluster Orig.79.00
Defi Advance BF Gauge; Amber EGT Orig. 331.55
Defi Advance BF Gauge; Amber Boost Orig. 284.00
Defi Advance BF Gauge; Amber Oil Temp Orig. 248.90
Defi Advance BF Gauge; Amber Oil Pressure Orig. 331.55
Defi Advance Control unit for gauges Orig. 163.20
AEM Wideband A/F Gauge Orig. 199.80

GREX 13 row thermostatically controlled Oil Cooler Orig. 970.00

HKS (FATT) Turbo Timer
Perrin rear sway bar

Almost a full STi Interior
both front seats (minus driver-side seat frame)
all four Door panels with all trim pieces
back seat (back and bottom)
the Interior is next to spotless! I purchased it because I was planning on making it a show car.
I also have 2 map lights, one is clean, the other has been modified with three small holes for micro switches.

I have the Divider that goes into the hood scoop.

I know there are some other things ill have to add to the list when I get home.
send me a request with offers
I am looking to sell but not trying to get robbed, almost everything is in "like NEW" condition.

Thanks for looking!