Ok fellas.. so heres the story. My wife was ran off the
road in Phoenix and we suffered damaged wheels and tires. I work in northern california and bought these thinking that they would fit. The man lied to my face and said they were a 5x100, and they are not. I had them properly measured at a reputable shop and they are a 5x114.3/115. The bolt pattern allows for only an STI proper fitment, and I have just a Wrx. I am in desparate need of a new tire/wheel setup. I am trying to huck these as cheap as possible. Im already cutting my own throat by a hundred bucks.
Basically, ive done some looking and these arent cheap wheels. New they went for 650 each on one site. Dunno if this entirely true, but for what its worth, i hate losing them. They look amazing on a wrx. They are however, beat up and ugly, I wont lie. Only cosmetics though. They spin true and have no bends. The wheels have gun rash and one has some curb rash.. Because they are 2 piece, they are super easy to restore. If I had any time, I would just do it myself. Like I said, I need the money to buy a set of stockers for my wife here in Phoenix, pm me with any questions and I will do the best to answer them . Thanks.