For Sale: 2004 EJ205 Long Block
Location: Currently in Mertztown, PA
Price: $250 OBO
  • This is a bare motor (NO timing belt, NO cam gears, NO intake manifold, NO exhaust manifold, NO accessories). Water pump (new at ~100k miles), t-stat, coil packs, plugs and oil pan are included.
  • Motor had approximately 130,000 miles when removed.
  • Motor was replaced due to bearing material found in multiple oil changes. Rather than waiting for knock, I opted to swap another motor in while it was still running. Motor had no significant knock before the swap. Not enough to hear or show up on data logs, anyway.
  • I have not removed the oil pan to see which bearing may be going or to check for play in the rods.

I have pictures, and will upload them tonight. If you would like to see the motor, let me know and I can set something up.

Not currently interesed in trades, unless you have a low mileage TD04 in good shape. Give me some offers!!