I'm posting this to determine level of interest. I built a 2009 WRX to compete in D Stock autocross with the SCCA. I had a set of Motons custom built for the car (total cost was $8500). These are Moton's top of the line, orange, "race" shocks. They have remote resevoir canisters and are independently adjustable for compression (15 clicks) and rebound (15 clicks). The rear shocks also have quick disconnects for the remote resevoirs making installation really easy. Here is a link with additional info on Moton shocks:

Racer's Edge -- Moton Motorsports Shocks / Struts

Since the SCCA rules required me to use the stock springs from the WRX, I had custom spring perches fabricated to accommodate this. The shocks could easily be set-up to use coil-over springs instead (but this would require purchase of coil-over perches and springs).

The shocks are currently installed on my car, but if I find a serious buyer, I will uninstall them.

I'm thinking of selling my car and moving onto a different one (perhaps a BRZ).