Yo its Gabe from San Diego!
I just got a subaru wrx 2002 about a month back

the dude included a spare HKS Carbon Titanium exhaust he had on it briefly.

On ebay and other websites its going for 900-1050$ brand new

its slightly discolored but in great condition nonetheless..

Also an HKS downpipe that goes from 300-500 brand new on ebay

I got an offer for 620 bucks cash for both of them.

Im trying to buy a new guitar, and dont plan on putting the exhaust on my car ever..

Is 620 good? I heard the market for used exhausts isnt too high, and that they decrease in value alot.

Opinions? Would it be smarter to keep it and put it on my car to increase its value down the road?

email me, liveratherthanexist@yahoo.com
or PM ME