So Heres the deal. My WRX is lowered on Koni struts and Ground Control springs.
This is a very nice setup. It preforms amazingly well. Here is a link to basically what the setup is.


I'm going the Rally direction with my car and have the swap ready to do. The car is still lowered on the event that some
potential buyer would like to see how it preforms. I will say this though; this setup is adjustable, but still pretty stiff. With that said, It handles and preforms better on the street that any other WRX I've ever driven(and I've owned 3)
It takes 45mph curves at 80 and doesn't even give it a second thought. ZERO body roll with this setup alone. As I said, its currently on the car for the serious buyer to test. And by serious buyer, I mean the cash will have to be sitting on the dash before I let you test it.
This is a limited time offer due to the fact that I will be pulling and swaping this setup in a cpl weeks. So act fast if you want to see exactly how amazing your car will handle!
I believe this will fit 2002-2007 Subaru WRX/STI. But don't quote me.
Price: 1000 OBO
I'm also selling the Wheels and Tires:

Wheels and Tires off my 2002 WRX. They are Continental Extreme Contact DWS All-Season tires. about 80% tread on all 4.
Wrapped around 17" SenDel Rims. This is a VERY SOLID setup. Looks great and preforms extremely well in all conditions.(all-season conditions)
Look up the Extreme Contact tire and you will see lots of good reviews.
NOW. on to the bartering. I am up for trade options. HOWEVER!!! the only thing I'm interested in is another set of wheels and tires.
AND that list is very small. I'm only interested in 15" RALLY PERFORMANCE WHEELS. Brands either Braid or Team Dynamics. And of those wheels
the list narrows even more. Actually, the probability of anyone having what I'm looking for is very unlikely. Just thought I'd throw it out there.
With that said, I'm looking to get $600 OBO for this wheel/tire setup. They are currently on my car and will be for at least another 2 weeks.
Please email with any other Q's or offers.

I will do a package deal as well. I.E, the entire suspension, wheels and tires for $1400 OBO
Let me know! Gorgechefzeke@yahoo.com