Alright up yet again I have a Full 3in Catless TBE Downpipe is v3 meaning has the divorced wastegate also the downpipe is Fully Ceramic coated and heat wrapped so you could run without a heatshield!Matted is Invidia N1 RACE Fully Catless No Resonator Canister is perfect tip is still polished nicely but the midpipe does have some minor dents just cosmetic This Exhaust is FREAKING **** LOUD and i love it but I want to Trade for a TurboXS TBE Must have the 4 pieces For the Full TBE ownpipe,Test-pipe Mid-pipe, and Exhaust No Custom Fitments I want to Be able to Swap the cat converter or the race pipe(test-pipe) easily Mainly for the 4in Downpipe.

will post pics up very soon and a video but for now shoot me some offers
Thanks for looking and have a good day