The lowdown:

Hit a piece of piping and chipped a hole on the drain plug cover of the transmission (i.e NOT the case) which caused my fluid to drain out.

After it lost enough fluid and generated enough heat, the front tires seized up on me.

Disconnecting the front axles allowed the driveshaft to spin and, I could drive it with just the rear wheels. (far enough to get it on the trailer, like 20 feet)

My novice diagnoses leads me to believe something that only affects the front axle transfer was damaged. Can you rebuild it? Sure you can.

I'm just looking to knock the hurt off the bill of buying a new transmission and labor to install, not holding out for a specific price. Tranny had almost 38k miles before this happened.

All offers will be considered. Remember that this is about 300lbs so needs to be shipped as freight and will cost about 300 to ship as well.

Transmission is located in NC 28107. I don't have time to do shipping costs, so please do this on your own. You get the transmission and nothing else (no axles, no rear diff.

PM offers, or email me at