I am looking to sell the OEM exhaust originally purchased with my 2011 Subaru STi hatchback. It has exactly 837 road miles on it; all within the break-in period of the motor, which was run gingerly (<5K rpm) for the entire duration. For all intents and purposes, this unit is effectively brand new and in excellent condition. I'm selling all the genuine Subaru parts included in the pictures below: exhaust, midpipe, gaskets (2) and all connecting nuts/bolts. Checking online, the replacement cost of this entire system is $667.10. I'm asking $500. And, to save us both the trouble of shipping, I'd prefer to sell it to a local buyer (south SF bay area) and I will personally DELIVER it to your home or mutual meeting place. Let me know if you're interested. Thanks! 2011-11-06 12.27.28.jpg2011-11-06 12.29.02.jpg2011-11-06 12.27.40.jpg