Hi, I recently bought kei office adjustable coilover kit for my 03 wrx. They are in great condition fully adjustable but since I live in Quebec and this suspension is hard as f*** its not really cool to ride in winter condition cause it's too rigid. If someone is interrested let me know. I was willing to sell them for around 700-800$ if someone is interrested. They are really rare coilovers since they were only made in japan and are a lot better than most of the tein coilovers of any popular ones. If you live were there are good roads, you want to do track or you just want really stiff coilovers those are perfect. I could ship to USA or Canada just let me know where you live and I'll tell you how much to ship, plus I have a paypal so transaction should be easy. If you live near montreal you can come get them.