Here i have a full set of Hotbits track Coilovers with tophats, helper springs, external canister and just rebuilt and repainted like new from odi at feal suspension in ontario ca. He rebuilt 3 coilovers and one is brand new, just cost me over $1000. I just installed them on the car and the performance is amazing. I would keep these for sure but my wife and children dont like the the ride. Its bumpy even when the dampers set all the way to soft. The height adj tools are included in the sale. My daughter just broke her arm, wife has a bad back/ shoulder, and a 4mo old baby. We have to use my wifes gc with stock suspension most places because my impreza is built for street and ocassional track but is my daily driver. Heh. My loss would certainly be your gain on this super setup.

These Were on my 2002 USDM WRX, They were originally Purchased from Japan that was on a JDM Spec STi. Will fit 02-07 Impreza's I am not sure of any other years or models. PM for details, Thanks for looking!

PRICE $1800

Reference from Hotbits Website:

These cost normally $2600+

HB Height Adj. Shocks + 60mm + Helper Springs + Ext Canisters + 1-Way Adj Damping Kit + Front & Rear Tophats/Camber Plates

Looking for these items:
(Basically the sti rear end swap JDM 04' STI or 04' USDM STi 5x100)
R180 rear end
Rear brembos/ 5x100 rotors
5x100 rear sti hubs
Rear sti axles

Soft riding coilovers that are either new or used, just not trashed.

I did not add the pictures of the rear Camber Plates but they look identical to the front 2 and have the Soft-Hard Adjustment wheel on top.