Located in Aurora, CO

Fastest response/contact - krntehknik303@gmail.com

Looking to trade my magnaflow cbe for 08+ WRX sedans only for a Invidia Street (resonated) CBE. Wanting something louder and wanting to go single tip.

Exhaust condition:

- minor dents on the y-pipe (hardly noticeable and doesn't hinder performance)
- there is a scratch on one of the muffler tips, but cannot be seen at all.
- I do not know the exact mileage, but I did put about 25k+ miles on them.

There are minor defects on the exhaust but nothing serious and is in great condition. Looking for a local trade if trader wants cash on my end that won't be a problem as long as prices are negotiable, BUT hoping for just a straight trade. Thanks for reading!

Also: willing to trade for a dual cbe that's louder than the magnaflow to open up the options for a trade!