im about to do a 4eat to 5mt swap on my 02 wagon. im looking to get rid of the auto trans, front axles, drive shaft,rear diff,rear axles, and anything else i wont need like the starter, flexplate etc... im trying to set up someone who will want it so it wont sit around too long. all parts will be shrink wrapped and on a pallet for shipping. will take pics when i pull it all off. heres the good and bad of it.

1. its 4eat lol
2. it has 165xxx on it
3. i am the second owner, the first was a older woman(car prob never saw the turbo spool lol)
4. i have a complete history on the car, therefor the trans as well.
5. shifts perfect, all syncros work fine, its my dd.

so im not looking for much, just to get it all out. so please let me know, like i said its not out yet but i only need some bushings, bolts , and fluid and i can do the build. so im just trying to time it all accordingly.and thanks to all at nesic that helped me put all the parts together, especially degrayb.

just shoot me a pm with offer if your interested, thank you for lookin