Selling a few parts I don't need anymore while prepping for a build I'm doing.

MRT downpipe with hi-flo cat $80 (rear section was cut)
JDM v8 twinscroll downpipe with custom rear section $80
WRX grill with pink I badge $40
ABS unit $50
Turbo XS Tuner $100
HVAC controls $35
Center trim $25
Center console $30
HKS SLD Speed Limit Defencer $30
Blitz SUS Intake $80
Inlet hose (from MRT) $100
JDM STi fuel rail v8 $70
STI driveshaft $70
JDM STi Alternator $60
TEIN EDFC and motors/wires (the edfc display is acting up though) $100
Coolant tank $30


Feel free to make me offers.