Looking for these items for an '06 STi. They don't have to match the year/model specifically, but just using that as a reference. If anyone's got these parts available, please let me know.

-Turbo Oil Feed Inlet Banjo
-Turbo Coolant Hose (from engine to turbo, the "u" shaped one)
-Turbo Coolant Hose (from reservoir container to turbo, the small "l" shaped one)
-Coolant Overflow Bottle (driverside one next to the radiator)
-Up-pipe Support Brackets (the two that mount to the top of the up-pipe where the turbo inlet flange bolts to)
-Intercooler Support Bracket (driver side bracket)

Got a few others I may need sooner or later as well but I'll post up at that time. I'm located in Chino, CA so if there's anything nearby, I can come pick it up in a flash.