Hi guys,

Ok, got this nifty Injen Cold Air Intake. RD-series (one piece). Cool CAI.
Got it last year in a rush shortly after I bought my 1st WRX, only to realize that wagons don't have the same space where this filter goes, compared to sedans (flares).
And this one is for sedan... I thought I'd find a way to make it fit, but to be honest... I really don't have the time for that.
So OFF it goes !

It's a one-piece, shiny, pure polished aluminum pipe, 2.5" in diameter, with a red cone filter (still in good shape)
a short red silicon adapter tube (see actual pics) and the 3 steel clamps to fit it all.
All in great shape. Not new, but not much used.

Injen's website says :
FILTER : X-1013-BR
EO# : D-476-4
DESCRIPTION (model fit) : 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006 - WRX H4 2.0L

But maybe you can make it fit different models (if you have more time than me! ... )

Click on the link below the image to see the large picture!
(photos of actual item)



Or, as per Injen's website :

Up to 24 real mustang power gains. The RD series is a cold air intake system for the enthusiast craving mid-range power. The intake tube is strategically placed behind the front bumper to acquire colder, denser air. The kit includes AMSOIL EA Air Filter with Nanofiber Technology.

Regular price is $337. Sales price around $256. (based on FastWRX)
Usual price on NASIOC is between $150 and $200... Make me an offer!
(a decent one, please) (PM is ok)

I'm in Canada. Can Ship. PayPal preferred.

PS: If you tend to enjoy driving your car in deep water puddles, maybe this item isn't for you... To get the most of this, a tune is recommended, unless you have an STi.