I am possibly looking to trade my Rays Engineering rims for your nice Black rims.

They are the G-games 77W 2 piece rims from Rays.
I just want to see if anyone would be interested in trading my rims for your black rims, or the rims I posted below. They are 18" rims The other sizes I found on the rims are 18x7.5 and they fit 100/114.3 A couple of them have minor curb rash, but otherwise they are in great condition.

If you are interested in trading please show me what your rims look like. Once again only looking for 18" rims.

I will try to get some pics of mine.

there is the worst one on my car, just a little bit of rash.

I like the look of Rota Grids, Some of the BBS rims, possibly more. I might try for some a tad wider then mine. Send me pics . I would like to trade for a rim with some more spokes than mine have.