I have 3 brand new still sealed in the factory box Rota G-Force wheels. They are 18x8.5 with a +48 offset and 56.1 center bore. The bolt pattern is 5x100 which is used for Subarus and several other vehicles. When i first bought my Subaru WRX, i decided that i wanted to get two sets of wheels for it. I chose to get 8 total of the 18x8.5 G Forces, initailly planning of having one set as a DD set and the other to use for Autocross. I ended up only using one set of 4 for my racing wheels and decided to go with some others for my DD set. So that left me with 4 extra of these G forces. I hit a pothole pretty hard while autcrossing and bent one of the G forces on the car so i opened up 1 of my spares to replace the dented one. So now im left with 3 extra Rota G forces that need a new home. Again these are UNOPENED BRAND NEW STILL IN FACTORY SEALED BOXES. They have center caps included. I have already researched on getting a single wheel and it isnt that hard to get. There are numerous dealers that will sell you a single wheel for a good price

here is a link to ebay listing >>>>>>>>Rota G-Force Gold 18x8.5 +48 offset 5x100 ONLY 3 WHEELS - eBay (item 120667828207 end time Jan-11-11 21:39:24 PST)