I'm still trying to get my beautiful wrx back on the road from that damned guardrail... I need a front bumper and a front passenger fender. I also will need the front right fog light at some point, and it's possible that I'll need an actual bugeye headlight. I'm looking for cheap over good condition - as long as the parts still have the right shape, I'm a fan of scratches and dents. I'd really prefer the right color, but even that's fixable.

The going price other places on the web is about $500 each for the bumper and fender - I don't want to sound cheap, but I just don't have $1000 to drop into the car - before the clutch replacement labor and all that other crap I still have to do.

So please, if you have or come across a wrx that's been wrecked in the back, or just stripped your car for a bodykit, or something like that, I'd love to take the parts off your hands. Give me price quotes - pretty much if you can beat the super-secret prices that my uncles can get me (not much better than above ), you have my sale.

It's a wagon, but I don't believe the front end is any different (correct me if I'm wrong)