I'm in the foothills outside Denver.

I had just put a set of these tires on my '04 STi before the motor went, and have already sold the rims. The tires have a few hundred miles on them. They still have the little nubs from the molding process. No patches or damage period.

These are the best tires I've ever used on a car, and if you look at my signature, you can tell I drive fast cars with good tires. I've owned five 400 HP cars in my life and gone through a lot of tires!

I'd prefer not to ship them and sell them locally, but if you want them shipped, expect it to be $30 a tire. I'm willing to meet someone halfway within 100 miles or so of Denver.

They go for about $150 a tire new. I'll take $300 for all 4 (plus shipping if necessary). Size is 225/45R17.