I have a SPEC Stage 2 clutch kit for WRXs that I am looking to sell. This clutch has a Kevlar facing that is semi-full. Here is a link with more specifics:

02-05 Subaru WRX SPEC Staged Clutch Kits: JSC Speed

I installed this clutch in my car and ran it for about 1,500 miles. 750 miles of that was a strict break-in. There was nothing wrong with the clutch in operation. I found the clutch to be too aggressive for my taste. Holding power is not an issue. Engagement was harsher than I would have liked. My car was basically stock when I had this clutch in it. I think for a more highly modified car it would be a good choice.

The lifespan should be great with the Kevlar. I've always gotten great mileage from them in other vehicles.

I paid $512 for this kit new. I'd like to get half that for it as it sits, which is $256. I am amenable to negotiating shipping, etc. PM me if you're interested.