I have a T4 TO4E .54 trim Garrett turbo for sale, i was going to use it to twincharge my ION Redline that i traded in on my WRX... however i am guessing i don't need it now so it's up for grabs....

turbo made 600whp on a B18C motor, barely used and only pushed at high boost for 3 passes on the dyno, besides that... the turbo was on a dyno queen that usually never left the garage.

great condition, no shaft lay (up, down, side to side, in or out) fins are in great condition, no chips, dings, or bends, seals are still good, and the housing is not cracked, matter of fact... it still has the factory black coating on the turbine side.

it's a .60 A/R compressor housing with a .54 trim wheel, and a .58 A/R Turbine housing with a P-Trim wheel.

Asking $400 obo or trade for parts, accessport, or any other type of user friendly EM.

price is negotiable.