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This is a discussion on turbo inlet tube ebay within the Personal For Sale & Wanted forums, part of the ClubWRX.net Marketplace category; Originally Posted by brfatal Gimmick IS rebadged eBay. Originally Posted by brfatal I said the construction was the same. Which ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by brfatal View Post
    Gimmick IS rebadged eBay.
    Quote Originally Posted by brfatal View Post
    I said the construction was the same. Which constitutes more than "oh, they look similar". The only way I could prove it to you the way you want is to show up at your house with one of each or get Gimmick to post that their vendor sells on eBay too. For comparison purposes, I've owned Samco hoses and my Perrin intake is part silicon tube.
    Hence why I asked for proof that's all. Saying two parts are the same is easy to do. Like I've stated I've heard nothing but horror stories with ebay inlets from people I've known who've bought them. Didn't come across someone I've know where they've fit. Gimmik yes looks the same and is probably constructed the same. But all those guys who've bought ebay inlets bought a gimmik to replace their mistake and had no issues in fitment. Right there tells me they aren't made by the same place or mold. Aka I do not believe they just buy ebay inlets and put gimmik on there like you claim.

    Yes they both are the cheapest of the cheap. But I believe you're wrong about the rebadging. That's why I asked for proof. I figured since you said that someone actually had proof. Since there is none I'll believe what I believe and you believe what you believe. Have a good night.

    I've also heard of collapsing at 25lbs and above. For my personal goals I probably won't be running a turbo bigger then my vf34. If I do I will upgrade then. For the price can't beat it.
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