I mistakenly bought a set of EBC Yellow (great track pads) for my wife's 2008 WRX - only to install them several months later and find out they do not fit. I wound up having to overnight the correct set but cannot return these (past 30 day return policy). They are BNIB - I only opened the fronts in order to attempt the aborted installation - the rears are still unopened. I paid over $230 shipped for these and I'll sell them for - $200 shipped to lower 48 states. Extra if elsewhere. This will save you $20-$30 off buying new. I will want payment via PayPal (I'm PayPal verified) and I have over 200+ ratings on eBay.

Front Pads -DP41200R
Rear Pads - DP4826R

Info on YellowStuff Pads
EBC YELLOWSTUFF 4000 R SERIES BRAKE PAD SET -- Made from aramid fiber-based brake compound with high brake effect from cold up to race temperature; Features brake-in surface coating that provides instant brake efficiency on installation and conditions rotor surface removing glaze and scale; Shimmed, chamfered, and slotted preventing heat expansion cracks and reducing brake noise; Totally resistant to rotor vibration; Heavily loaded brake requirements on truck and SUV; Designed for street and track driving; With EBC's limited 6-month or 10,000-mile warranty.