These are some leftover parts from my 2005 WRX.

1. Rota Tarmac III wheels
- 18x8 5x100 +48
- Painted white
- Comes with 235/40/18 Kumho MX tires with ~5/32nds tread left
- Wheels are in good shape - no bends, curb rash, etc.

Pictures on my car:

Price: $650

2. TurboXS RFL-Ti fullturboback exhaust
- 4" downpipe, full 3 inch all the way back.
- It comes with a catless racepipe, but I also have a catpipe available.
- The muffler has very slight scratches on the bottom.

Pictures installed:

Here is a promo video for the exhaust:
TurboXS RFL Ti Exhaust for WRX/STi Video by World One Performance - MySpace Video

Here are two videos of the exhaust on my old WRX:
YouTube - 18g WRX - cold idle
YouTube - 18g WRX - 347whp/316tq on 97 oct.

The full turboback new is about $1,000. The axleback alone is $395.
Turbo XS WRX Turboback Exhaust TBE: RFL-TI, Standard, & Stealthback, JSC Speed WRX & STi Exhausts

Price: $625

3. Carbotech Panther XP8 brake pads
- These are track pads for the Stoptech ST40 caliper
- The Panther XP8 is a race compound friction material designed for track use. It is not recommended for use on the street. This pad will withstand prolonged use on the race track without fading. The Mu is a lofty 0.58-0.60 and the temp range is from 250 all the way up to a scorching 1350F.
- Item can be found here:
STi & WRX Performance Parts: Carbotech Front Brake Pads, StopTech Calipers

They have a lot of life on them. I only used them for a few HPDEs. They should last you 7+ track days or a bunch of Autocrosses.

Price: $70
Free shipping

I will ship the wheels and exhaust at buyer's expense. I am located in Orange County, California.

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