I have my Art-Tech Falcon 3D helicopter for sale...

25-1/4" main rotor diameter
23-3/4" overall length
20 oz. flying weight.

Falcon 3D comes completely assembled and ready to fly. Helicopter has plenty of power and head speed for sport flying and aerobatics.

brushless motor
brushless controller
1300 mAh Lipo battery
wood blades
aluminum tail boom
training landing gear
6-channel 72 mHz FM helicopter transmitter

Charge the 1300 mAh lipo battery with the included cell balancing Lithium charger, from a 12 volt DC battery. Gear driven tail has all conical gears for smooth, reliable operation. Transmitter has pitch range centering and pitch curve end point adjustment knobs, and an Idle-up switch for aerobatic and inverted flight modes. Also includes training gear with Ping Pong balls and a blade holder. Transport in its original box.

I've flown it a few times, but just don't have time for it, anymore. Never crashed.

$175 + shipping. Ready to Fly.