Hey guys... Well Had the car for a month...Fell asleep prom night and totalled it ((... Brain swelling and short term memory loss with some internal bleeding and a totalled car is what I walked away with... I can't get over the fact that I walked away.... Well guys time to work towards a new one..

02 does have front 04 - 05 conversion.

Well Parting out the car.... Fenders need work on them. Bumper is gone. C/F hood is cracked. Driver headlight is good.
Front mount intercooler is hit a little on the bottom and piping needs to be un-bent.

Greddy type RS BOV Brand new.. had for a week.

Doors stilll good just need paint. Windows all good with 20%? Tint.

Pass tail light is good.

Then all interior is near perfect. Help me out guys.. Here is pics and just tell me what you need... All is pretty much offers.

Motor / tranny 130k miles. First gear grinds when trying to go into first over 10 mph.

Yes I still have the turbo... No smoke. Boosted hard.

Will ship small parts but mostly needing to get picked up in Joseph Oregon...

Call or text for info... 541-398-0784.
Also if you have an idea of a price for the engine I really need help here guys... Going to try for a new rex.