Spring sale of sorts, just clearing out a few parts that are hanging around in the garage.

Everything is in great functional condition, and ready to go!

Before I start, I would like to apologize for the quality of the pictures. My brother pinched my digital camera a few weeks back, so I was stuck with using the iphone camera.

1) WRX stock TD04 turbo. This turbo is the one that came with my car when I purchased it new. It has around 13K miles on it when it was removed, and has been sitting in the garage shelf looking pretty ever since. It is in excellent condition, with zero shaft play. It only ran stock boost.

Everything is functionally sound about it. The only thing missing from this is the stock coolant line that comes over the top of the compressor, which I re-used for the next turbo that I upgraded to from the TD04.

Aside from that, it is a low mileage stock turbo with no modifications or anything else done to it.


Front of the turbo:

Side view: And you can see the coolant line has been taken off. I replaced it with an IHI one off my turbo upgrade at the time, but you can always just use your stocker, or pick one up from the dealership.

Back end view: Again, everything mechanically is in prestine condition. The surface rust is just from it sitting on the shelf for a while, and standard fare on the exhaust housings of these turbos.

Price: 207 shipped and paypal'ed

2) Next up for sale are mounting clamps for Bosch 044 fuel pumps or similar pump.

These are stainless steel t-bolt clamps to securely mount your 044 fuel pump to the floor of your trunk, or wherever you decide to mount it. These have actually not been used. I picked them up originally with the intention of using them, but ended up going a completely different route with regard to fuel system upgrades.

I picked these up for 35 dollars each plus shipping.

Price: 25 dollars shipped for one, 45 shipped for 2, 60 shipped for all 3.



3) Next up is a MAC boost solenoid that I purchased from Turbosmart to use with my Eboost 2. I purchased it initially to diagnose a problem I thought I was having with the stock solenoid I got with the boost controller. Turned out that the stocker was fine all along.. Another part that I ended up not using..

This is the 40psi solenoid that I picked up for 107 dollars. I know that MAC solenoids do not typically go for anywhere near this, so I am willing to be fair on the price.

And before anyone asks... The Nokia 8801 is NOT included!:lol:

And just to prove that it IS a MAC solenoid:

There is a code on the side of the solenoid just peaking underneath Turbosmart sticker which might help in deciphering which solenoid from MAC it is:

5 05B

Price: 22.50 shipped

4) Next up is a 2002 WRX stock intercooler:

This also came off my car in favor of a TurboXS topmount at the 18K point.
It has a few bent fins, but nothing out of the ordinary.


Mounting bracket you see in the picture is included. I will also include the stock throttle body coupler for a more seamless install.

Price: 55 shipped.

If there are any questions, please feel free to PM me. I am not out to rip anybody off here, nor am I out to get ripped off, but if you feel that any of my prices are out of line, I am more than willing to listen, and adjust them if there is a need. I'm flexible... well.. I can't do the splits, but you know what I mean!