Hello, I have a set of Ground Control Coilover w/ the Ground Control Camber Caster Plates for the 05-07 STi for sale in the NJ/NY/CT/PA Area. I would prefer to sell locally, but I will ship at buyers expense.

This kit has been used for approximately 10K miles. They have been on my car for about 1 yr. I purchased them barely used from Stretch another member over on IWSTI. He definitely is the most knowledgeable suspension expert I've ever talked to. He does a lot of research and development of suspension set ups for various venders on the forums. He has a few threads on IWSTI with high recommendations for this coilover kit. I improved the kit by adding the camber/caster plates to the coilovers, which he recommended but never purchased. I purchased the plates brand new from Ground Control at the same time I got the coilovers.

The coilovers are composed of:

Front: Custom Ground Control Coilover Housings, with KONI Single Adjustable Dampers. 350 lb/in. 7 inch. Springs. and Ground Control Camber/Caster plates.

Rear: Blank WRX Strut housings, with KONI single adjustable Dampers, and GROUND CONTROL Coilover Conversion Kit. w/ 285 lb/in. 8 inch. Spring. w/ no Top hats. (Stocks can be used/thats what Im using). The Spring Perchs have been shaved off and this rear set looks nice and clean and barely looks like a Hybrid set up. It has full height and dampening adjustability.

The big thing with coilovers and suspensions these days, is Suspension Travel. Well, on top of the great amount of Suspension travel these coilovers already have. There are they also have about 1 Inch more of suspension travel in the front when using the Camber/Caster Plates.

This kit is has an extremely comfortable ride quality and greatly improves handling, while giving the capability of adjusting height to suit your preferences, and Adjusting the Dampening to your desired stiffness. Ground Control stands behind the entire kit for life as well as KONI stands behind their Dampers for life. They have been great in the year that I have owned them. No problems what so ever. I am gauging interest because I am thinking about taking the STi to a Strictly Track Duty Car next season, So Im gonna upgrade to a more aggressive suspension set up, since I wont have to worry about comfort when driving around town.

Im asking $1200 for local pick up. and I am willing to split shipping with anyone who is willing to pay for it.

The price includes:
2 Front Ground Control Complete Coilovers with 350 lb/in. springs, and single adjustable KONI Dampers, and Ground Control Camber/Caster Plates.

2 Rear WRX housings with Single adjustable 8610 KONI dampers and GC Coilover Conversion kit with 285 lb/in. springs. (no top hats, Stockers can be used.)

Here are a few pics. I will have some more up later. The set up is still on the car. I will be removing them soon.

Here are the Camber/Caster Plates from the GC website. I will have pics of them installed on my car very shortly.

Here is the picture of the set up from Stretch's FS thread. (this is the exact set up I purchased, minus the rear Group N's) As of right now. The spring Perch's for the rears have been cut off for more practicality.

Here are the Damper Dyno Plots of the front and rears for this set up.