Hey guys I'm not a WRX owner. Few months ago I got ahold of some 225/45/17 Bridgestone Potenza RE070 that came off as the stock tire on an Sti. They have 6k miles on them. There is no 4th tire because the 4th one was a blow out and the guy decided to get 4 all season tires. The only thing though that some people might care about is the DOT is from '02. Like I said they have 6k miles on them and the car was hardly driven. There's no dry rotting and been kept in a closet on my balcony. I just took them out to take a picture... No leaks, no plugs/patches, no uneven tirewear

I tried selling this on the forums I'm on but to ship 3 tires it was like $75+, so I thought someone on here from VA or near would want them. Want more pictures just ask! $150 for all 3.